Dear All


WeLoveChainhurst has spent the last couple of weeks working through the new information provided by Fridays and DHA and has produced a new form letter for you to use to OBJECT AGAIN.


We have until 1st May to let the Borough Council Planning department, and therefore the Planning Committee who will decide whether this proposal can go ahead, know that we STILL SAY NO despite the additional information they have provided.


If you’ve objected before, please do so again, or if you didn’t get round to it last time, then please do so now.


Don’t forget the form letter is just a starting point. It can be sent as is, with your name and address on it, but if you want to modify it to focus on the issues that matter to you - HGV Traffic or the risks of an industrial scale chicken farm close to your home - then please do. What matters is that we need to make it clear to our elected representatives that the minor changes they’ve made are no where near enough to make this the right place for such an industrial development.


Thanks as always, and please get in touch if we can help with your objection - info@welovechainhurst.co.uk


Team WeLoveChainhurst



The deadline for new comments is 1st May.

There are three ways you can object - 

  • By post

  • By Email

  • By commenting online


Details on how to do each of these is below but no matter which was you choose, the following must be true for your comment to be counted -

  • It must be dated

  • You must provide your name and address. Anonymous comments will not usually be taken into account

  • You must state the application number and site address which is - Planning Application 20/505751, Reed Court Farm, Hunton Road, Marden, Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 9SJ


How to comment by post - 


Add your name and address and the date to a downloaded copy of the form letter, edit the content to add more detail relevant to your views if you wish, add your name at the end, print and sign.


The letter can be sent without editing, but you must add your name, address and the date for it to count. Don’t forget to allow time for delivery.  Post it to :


Mr Adam Reynolds

Mid Kent Planning Support

Maidstone House

King Street


ME15 6JQ


How to comment by email - 


Add your name and address to a downloaded copy of our form letter, edit the content to add more detail relevant to your views if you wish, add your name at the end, and then paste into an email with the planning reference as the subject. Send to :




How to comment online - 


Find the planning application on the Maidstone Planning Portal website - https://pa.midkent.gov.uk/online-applications/centralDistribution.do?caseType=Application&keyVal=QKPYMJTYLJB00


Or search their site for the planning reference number - 20/505751/EIFUL.


You’ll need to create a login which will ensure your name and address are submitted with your comments. Copy and paste the text from our form letter and add more detail relevant to your views if you wish.