Dear All


As I'm sure you're all aware, Fridays and DHA have submitted a significant amount of new information to Maidstone Planning in addition to their original application. If you've already objected, then you may well have received a letter from the Planning team letting you know that there is 30 days to respond. We've asked the planning officer to confirm the precise deadline, but the date looks to be in early May.


Our next steps are as follows -


We're currently working through the new information and will provide a detailed briefing document for local elected officials to help them understand the areas of the application that we still believe are an issue.


We'll provide a new draft objection letter so you can restate your concerns with the application to Maidstone Planning in light of the proposed changes.


We're planning to further engage with our external consultants to provide an independent expert view on some of the more technical aspects of the application as well as providing updated reports from the experts within our group.


So in summary - 


We want you to object again so that the Borough Councillors who will decide whether the application should be approved are clear there are still significant concerns with multiple aspects of what's proposed.


Don't forget that it's not too late to donate more to the group's funds - the more money we have available, the more effort we'll be able to source from the consultants. Donate here if you can -


More news soon...


Team WeLoveChainhurst







We have been sending out email campaigns since the WeLoveChainhurst website and group of concerned residents was formed. The proposed giant chicken farm affects Chainhurst, Hunton, Marden, Yaldin, Collier Street and Staplehurst, and we really need everyone's support to reject the planning application when it is submitted.

If you have only just signed up to the website then you can read previous email campaigns here. Click on the text to open the campaign.