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Nov 01, 2020
In Wealden Woods - Against
Looks like Marden have won! The planning application to build 2000 more new homes has been rejected, and it also looks like there was some dodgy dealing between the developer and someone at MBC. If Marden can win then why can't we win? Wealden Woods is not a done deal!
Oct 24, 2020
In Wealden Woods - Against
We've lived here on Reed Court Farm since the first Oasts were converted. We'll never forget the weekend we moved in because it was the weekend that Lady Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris. We've had dogs all our Chainhurst life and we have been walking on Reed Court Farm for 23 years. Do we want the Wealdon Woods project in it's current proposed plan to go ahead? No way! Our view from our windows will change. The footpaths where we walk and have walked with our four children for 21 years will be ruined. The beautiful landscape will be lost forever, the road network will be a mess, and all because a family/company turning over already £50m pa want to increase their profits because demand from Supermarkets since Covid-19 are demanding more chicken eggs. They own the land, I get that, by why should they turn our village in to a 21st century chicken and egg factory, and not care about our village and our houses, and our countryside and beautiful river that runs alongside it. We're not against farming and progress, but this does not work with us - sorry!


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